ANZSGM ASM 2017 Older peoples care through Community, Collaboration and Communication 10-12 May 2017 Rotorua New Zealand

Moira Smith

Moira is a Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Health Promotion and Policy Research Unit, Department of Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington.  Her areas of research interests include public health nutrition and food policy, oral health, child rights and aged care.  Moira was a named investigator in the Ministry of Health-commissioned Study of Older People’s Oral Health Issues in 2012, which included a national oral health survey of dependent older adults  She has also published research in the area of oral health care provision for older adults and was a member of the workshops informing the review of the Healthy Ageing Strategy.  Moira has a PhD in Public Health and a background in clinical dentistry.


Dental Care And Assessment For Older Adults

More and more older people are retaining their natural teeth.  

What does this mean for older people and their overall health and well-being?

How does this impact those outside the oral health sector in their work with older people?

What role do geriatricians and other health professionals have in the oral health care and management of older people?

The changing nature of older people’s oral health status creates an unprecedented situation for the health and aged-care sectors.  It presents a number of challenges in caring for older people and managing their oral health.  Addressing the oral health needs of older people requires not only a shift in the oral health care sector’s approach to oral health care and management but also collaboration with, and involvement of, a range of other health professionals and aged-care sector personnel.

In this session, the oral health status and treatment needs of older New Zealanders will be presented, and the implications for older peoples’ general health will be outlined.  The issues facing the oral health sector in managing older people’s oral health will be discussed.  The session will focus on (i) how health professionals outside the oral health sector can contribute to the oral health care and management of older people, and (ii) the impact an increasingly dentate older population is likely to have on health professionals’ care and management of the older people they work with.   The session aims to increase the participants’ knowledge and awareness of the oral health of older people.

Important Dates

Call for Abstracts open: 25th October 2016

Registration Opens: 18th November 2016

Call for Abstracts Closes: 24th February 2017

Notification of Abstracts: 20th March 2017

Close of Early Registration: 31st March 2017

Conference: 10th May 2017


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