ANZSGM ASM 2017 Older peoples care through Community, Collaboration and Communication 10-12 May 2017 Rotorua New Zealand

Matthew Croucher

Matthew Croucher is a Psychiatrist of Old Age from Christchurch, NZ.  He works for the Canterbury District Health Board and the University of Otago in a range of academic and clinical positions, including leadership and advisory roles in respect of dementia services and their development.  Of all of these, he is most proud to help lead the "Walking in Another's Shoes" education programme which operates in all South Island and a few North Island health areas in NZ.  This programme aims to move the dementia care workforce toward a more person-centred practice.  Matthew's involvement with the programme since its inception has been instrumental in shaping his own understanding of person-centred care and his conviction that it is an essential complement to what we might call best-practice patient-centred care for people living with dementia.


People living with dementia are not infrequently referred to geriatric services with requests for advice on how to best manage behaviours that care partners are finding extremely challenging.  How might a person-centred approach differ from a best-practice patient-centred approach?  How can clinicians from older persons health services encourage and facilitate aged residential care and other care partners to successfully engage in person-centred approaches in this type of predicament, especially given our own limited experience and resources in this complex area?  This discussion will outline some simple but effective strategies we might all be able to employ in our clinical roles.

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